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Curry Stables began when we got married in 2007.  We had always been involved in horses throughout our lives and now united we had the ability to make that dream come true! 

At Curry Stables we strive to develop each of our students into the best rider they can be and help them achieve their riding goals.  We are able to supply horses for students who are new to riding and will also work with students who have a horse they are wanting to grow and develop with.  Our focus is on building confidence in the rider and in the horse. Contact us if you are interested in furthering your career in the sport of show jumping or just want to be a more confident rider.   

If you are looking to develop a horse we can also supply the appropriate training services.

 Please contact us if you are looking to purchase a horse.  We have many horses at various levels of training for sale at all times. We can also give you professional advice in purchasing the right horse for that next level of rider development.

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